Tear Up the Road With a Ford Mustang

The 2017 Ford Mustang delivers style and performance without jeopardizing power. It continues to reign as one of the most invigorating performance cars. The fuel-efficient EcoBoost engine option supplies power while saving you money. Standard features and game-changing optional features make it easy to customize your Mustang. Unlike past generations, the performance upgrades give the 2017 Ford Mustang the ability to handle the road like a bona fide sports car. Let’s explore three features that make this vehicle the ultimate sports car. Continue reading

Check Out the Hybrid Model Ford Built for Police Officers

Check Out the Hybrid Model Ford Built for Police OfficersFord Motor Co. is the automaker that sells the most police vehicles in the United States. Recently, Ford Motor Co. announced that it will release a new version of the hybrid Fusion midsize sedan to serve as a police pursuit vehicle for many police departments across the United States. Here is some information about this hybrid model that Ford built for police officers in response to requests from many cities. Continue reading

6 Memorable Ways to Spend an Evening in Lawrenceville

6 Memorable Ways to Spend an Evening in LawrencevilleIf the sun is about to set and you’re struggling to find something interesting to do in Lawrenceville, don’t worry, there are several different attractions for you to visit. It’s just a matter of picking what you like.

Whether you’re visiting the city on your own, with your partner, or with your whole family, there are activities for all tastes and ages. You can visit haunted houses, have fun at the parks, or even watch medieval knights fight! What are you waiting for? Continue reading

What’s New on the 2018 Ford Explorer?

What's New on the 2018 Ford Explorer?Recently, Ford Motor Co. introduced the new 2018 Ford Explorer and many drivers and fans of Ford vehicles are already excited about the new changes, both major and minor. Not only does the 2018 Explorer have an updated appearance, but it also features new and advanced technology. The new technology emphasizes both safety and the pleasure and comfort of the driver and passengers. If you’re interested in the 2018 Ford Explorer, here is some information about what’s new on this vehicle. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Visit Historic Downtown Lawrenceville

6 Memorable Ways to Spend an Evening in LawrencevilleIf you’re planning to visit Lawrenceville, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know there’s a lot to see and do, especially around the historic downtown. The area offers a mix of museums, entertainment, and several eateries.

Whether you’re looking into learning more about Lawrenceville’s past, want to be scared by ghosts, or taste local craft beers, there is something for everybody, adults, and kids alike. Read on to find out more. Continue reading

August Events Around Loganville, GA

August Events Around Loganville, GAIf you are wondering if visiting Loganville this summer is a good idea, the simple answer is yes. There are plenty of events scheduled this year to entertain visitors and locals alike, including summer festivals, culinary events, and music events. No matter if you are visiting for a long weekend or would prefer taking a longer break, you will find plenty to see, taste, and do near Loganville.  Continue reading