4 Forward-Thinking Tech Features in Ford Models

Ford Dealership SignFounded by Henry Ford in 1903, the Ford Motor Company has seen dozens of competitors come and go through all eras. Ford has never rested on their laurels with the potential to sit on the early success of Henry Ford making them complacent. They haven’t been and continue to innovate well into the 21st century.

The following are four forward-thinking tech features found in various models of Ford Vehicles.

1. View Smart Window

This is a prototype model announced in May 2018 that can change the way blind people experience car rides in the future. The concept is simple, with a photo taken by the ‘Feel The View’ box, which is developed in a monochrome image. Special LED’s then recreate the photo on the glass and when blind people touch the glass, there are 255 different vibrations from different shades of gray omitted. These different vibrations replicating the landscape from the photo.

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The 2 Most Informative Local Publications Near Lawrenceville

Gwinnett Historic Courthouse in GeorgiaLooking to catch up with all the latest news, events, and stories, in Lawrenceville? There are two main local publications you can read both online or in print. Find out more about the Gwinnett Daily Post and the Gwinnett Citizen below.

1. The Gwinnett Daily Post

The Gwinnett Daily Post is a community newspaper serving Gwinnett County, Georgia region since 1970 when it was called the Lawrence Home Weekly. The current printing schedule of the Gwinnett Daily Post is Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Currently owned by Southern Community Newspapers Inc., they have an online presence that keeps the community up to date with all of the breaking news in the area.

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5 Reasons to Love Ford’s Feel the View Smart Window

Hand Driving Steering Wheel of A Ford VehicleWhen Ford announced the prototype for their Feel the View Smart Window, hearts were warmed all around the world. In a day where cars are all about the luxurious experiences, it’s easy to forget about the groups of people who can’t take advantage of all the luxuries.

Fortunately for visually impaired people, Ford came up with a new technology, the View Smart Window. Feel The View is a device that takes photos of the scenery you’re driving past. These photos are transformed into high-contrasting images that are reproduced on the car windows using special LEDs. These images are formed with different shades of gray (255 intensities) that vibrate when touched. The different intensities help create a picture by touch that replicates the photo that was taken.

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Best Mobile Device Repair Shops Near Loganville

Broken iPhone on a car seatDropped your phone and saw the screen has shattered and wished that you should have brought that phone cover the other day? You can try and use your phone, shattered screen and all, but let’s be honest, getting it repaired is so much better. For whatever reason you need to get your phone repaired, these are the five best mobile device repair shops in Lawrenceville.

1. Sunny Wireless

Sunny Wireless are authorized dealers for most cellphone service providers. Specializing in broken screen repair, they are transparent with their prices for fixing the most popular phones available directly on their website. Beyond broken screens, they are able to repair mobile phones for all sorts of reasons. Most repairs can be completed while you wait which is always a bonus as not having a working phone can be like living in a different world. The company also provides a mail-in service with free shipping.

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About the 2018 Ford Focus

2018 Ford Focus SE in Hot Pepper Red for sale at Loganville Ford in Loganville, GAThe Ford Focus has become one of the most popular vehicle choices for first-time car buyers, as well as drivers looking for a fuel-efficient and versatile compact car. While there are many admired features that attract drivers to the Ford Focus, there are also many amenities most buyers do not know about. The following are some unique elements that make the 2018 Ford Focus a great car of choice.

It Comes in New Metallic Colors

While the Ford Focus has always come in a unique array of fun and festive colors, Ford added four new metallic shades to its color wheel, including Blue Metallic, Lightning Blue, Outrageous Green, and Hot Pepper Red. Both the green and red options are offered at an additional charge. Not only do these colors fair well in any climate, they also help show off your personality while on the road.

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Enjoy the Outdoors at These 6 Loganville Parks and Gardens

Flowers at Vines Gardens in Loganville, GAWith the warm weather here to stay, now is the time to get outdoors and get some much-needed sunshine during the summer months. There is no better way to take in some fresh air and get a little exercise than by enjoying a jog or stroll in a park or garden. Whether you live in the Loganville area, or just find yourself passing through, enjoy the outdoors at one of these six parks and gardens.

Destination Park

Located on Tuck Road in Loganville, Destination Park is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you are looking to take a private stroll or bring the kids out for the afternoon, the park has numerous shaded trails, a covered pavilion to enjoy a picnic, a toddler play area, and a playground for children 5 years of age and older.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Test Drive the 2018 Mustang GT

Gray 2018 Ford Mustang GT at Loganville Ford in Loganville, GAThe Ford Mustang has long been a symbol of power and muscle in the auto industry since its inception. In fact, when people think of American muscle cars, the Mustang probably ranks at the top of their list. Ford is continuing the tradition of making the Mustang one of their most popular vehicles, providing buyers with so many features they can’t wait to take it for a spin. Check out the following three reasons why you should test drive the new 2018 Mustang GT.

The Feel of Driving One

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you sit behind the wheel of the new 2018 Mustang GT. It offers fast and smooth open throttle acceleration, but it also provides precision cornering, making it feel as though you have gotten behind the wheel of a race car. The Mustang GT is equipped with a fined-tuned suspension system which include new shock absorbers.

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3 Farm-to-Table Restaurants Near Loganville

Fresh fruits and herbs on a cutting boardFarm-to-table restaurants are a great way to support your local farmers, as you enjoy some tasty seasonal dishes made with completely fresh ingredients. With the farm-to-table trend becoming popular throughout the U.S., many cities are seeing more and more of these unique restaurants setting up shop. If you would like to enjoy some fresh farm-to-table fare and live in or around the Loganville area, be sure to check out these three delicious options.

Local Republic

Located at 139 N. Perry St. in Lawrenceville, the Local Republic is the perfect evening getaway to relax, enjoy some great conversation, sample some hard-to-find craft beers and wines, and get a taste for local and regional cuisine. The Local Republic prides itself on selecting fresh, locally sourced ingredients to ensure quality and taste. Chef of the Local Republic, Scott Smith, believes that the menu is inspired by its ingredients.

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Features that Make the Ford F-150 a Best Seller

2018 Ford F-150 for sale at Loganville Ford in Loganville, GAWho would have thought that the Ford F-150 pickup would lead the competition in almost every category for 35 years? This legendary truck has a long and industrious history, and the first F-series was introduced to the world as the Ford Bonus Built line in 1948. Thirteen generations later, this tough-as-nails workhorse offers a smooth ride and reliable V8. It is surprisingly quick for its size. Stay with us and delve into our favorite features that make up the bestselling, best-in-class Ford F-150 pickup.

Built Ford Tough

True to Ford’s “Built Tough” slogan, the F-150 has earned an unparalleled level of success and is, once again, Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year. Ford uses the same heat-treated 6000-series aluminum alloy that you’d find in military and industrial applications. Engineers chose to work with aluminum alloy because they can increase the thickness of the F-150’s cab and bed — where extra strength means a safer truck — without increasing its overall weight. This alloy is incredibly durable, lightweight, and rust resistant.

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How to Get Sand Out of Your Ford’s Upholstery

Ford F-150 Raptor driving on the beachGeorgia’s 100-miles of gorgeous Atlantic coastline offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Despite our love of surf and sun, most of us could do without the sand. Even after what you think is a thorough cleaning, sand gets left behind in some of the oddest places in your car. Here are four handy tips to get sand out of your Ford’s upholstery after a day at the beach.

Shake It Out

Before you load up the car with your beach accessories, vigorously shake out your towels and blankets. Sand finds its way into almost everything, so give your hair a good shake and use your fingers to really get in there. You’d be surprised by how much sand gets stuck in hair. If all this shaking sounds like a lot of work, opt for a beach chair instead of a towel. Sitting above the sand will help minimize its attraction to fabric’s surfaces. Make sure to dry off before you sit down to avoid contaminating your chair with the gritty stuff.

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